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hitting lopez seven times. the f.b.i. has joined several local agencies looking into the shooting. >> the alameda district attorney is expected to open an investigation today in a senior living facility accused of living patients to fend for themselves. 14 disabled patients were found on saturday at valley springs manor after city officials ordered the facility closed. three workers including a janitor, stayed without pay to care for the patients. the owner's attorney say there was sufficient staff to handle the patients. authors disagree. >> i base it on the paramedics transporting all 14 patients out of there to the hospital. i am not a medical expert. if the medics say we need to get everyone to the hospital i go with what they say. >> the attorney says it is a misunderstanding and owner is chronically ill. the company owns two other facilities operating licenses there, too, were revoked. >> san francisco city packs and rec worker accused of running over a sunbather in a park will be in court. a hearing is set for 58-year-old who pleaded not guilty to felony vehicular manslaugh
the shooting but the department says that is not a requirement. >> the f.b.i. and state attorney general will meet to discuss an elder abuse investigation into a nursing home, valley springs manor accused of abandoning 14 patients as it was shut down by the state for violations. one patient is still missing after walking away from the facility on friday. 65-year-old was last seen wearing a radars shirt and a fishing hat. he has walked away of. senior advocates say the social services department should have made sure the residents were safely transferred when it closed the nursing home. >> the public utilities commission is society to vote on safety rules on bart and other transit agencies in response to the october 19 accident that killed two bart workers inspecting tracks near walnut creek. a trainee was operating the train according to the "contra costa times", they are proposing the immediate creation of a three-way communication system between central command, train operators, and wayside workers. the rules affect san francisco muni and santa clear valley transportation authority. >>
friday morning and started firing. this shows the ensuing mayhem. the fbi is just one of the agencies investigating the shooting. >> we found a statement where he made a conscious decision to make multiple tsa employees. >> and it could have been so much worse if officers had not chased the gun men through the airport terminal three. >> the fact they disabled the assailant within minutes was actually remarkable and saved untolleds lives. >> he remains in the hospital and the hospital says he remains unresponsive. the airport returned to normal operation saturday afternoon. alex stone, abc news, los angeles. >> one of the people cause in the crossfire was torrey bellacci. he's a host of the tv show myth busters. here's what he is saying. >> everybody is flying down the corridor, jumping over chairs, jumping over people. people were taking cover. it was literally like my worst nightmare and it was happening. >> "myth busters" is shot in the bay area, although he was headed from lax to a video shoot in delaware. the shooting has caused dozens of cancellations and delays in the bay area.
no idea that a gunman, later identified as ciancia, was shooting up terminal 3 at lax. the fbi has since joined pennsville police at the ciancia home in new jersey. >> chief, new this family well. what kind of people is this family? >> good people. >> he's a graduate of a delaware high school. former classmates said he kept to himself and may have been bullied. abc7 news. >> the shooting caused massive air traffic trouble across the country. hundreds of flights had to be diverted from lax. some were cancelled and some were delayed. we have more on the inconvenience for travelers. >> reporter: many of these travelers had been stuck at all day. sebastian was coming back from australia. his plane landed at 9:0030 a.m., just minutes after the shooting. >> my brother, who lives in los angeles, texted me on my phone as soon as i landed and said be careful, there's been a shooting there. >> jenne was also traveling to sfo from australia. she realized something was wrong after she got her baggage. >> the doors closed and there was a hold up at the doors. one of the police or sta said look, there
Search Results 0 to 3 of about 4